We will be advertising and accepting applicants until March 20th. Applicants will be notified on the status of their application on March 24th. The job will begin on or around April 1st, 2018.

Store Manager Job Description

In the initial probation period of  30 days the responsibilities as a trainee will be to manage our store in Placencia daily giving out free samples of our locally made Wine, Goat Cheese and Chocolate, selling  popular FIVE star tours and other Belize products. Training will begin on site with the management of the store in Placencia including opening, closing, keeping inventory, selling,booking tours and advertising. The hourly wage for the one month probation period (April 2018) will be a minimum wage of $ 3.75 per hour.
Below is a growth and education plan. As part of the application process the final applicants will present their plan in person to an audience. More details will be available.
The pay rate has been established for the first and second period of the two year plan.
Probation Period  (April) One Month $3.75 per hour.   After an evaluation of  the probation period the first period will begin.
First Period (May-September) Five Months  A customer service and sales training course and an increase in the hourly rate to $ 4.40 per hour.

Second Period  (October- March 2019)  Education in this period will include taking all of our tours.  The second period will  begin   _______%  sales commission on tours and  _______% sales commission on products.  

Third Period  (April – September)  Six months   (ONE YEAR EVALUATION)
Fourth Period (October –  March 2020) Six months
Fifth Period (April – October) Six months  (TWO YEARS COMPLETE)

Future responsibilities will include

  • On line sales and bookings
  • Managing social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)
  • Creating new visual marketing content
  • Curating an annual marketing / social media calendar
  • Participating in tours then publishing photos / videos to social media

 A candidate could have all or none of the following skills

  • Undergraduate degree in marketing/communications or tourism development
  • Reading, Writing, and communications skills  (Word Press, Microsoft Word)
  • Photography and Photo/Video Editing
  • Computer Savvy

Please email us your resume with a cover letter explaining why you want the position. 

Tell us what qualifications you have. Send to &

Give 3 references with contact info. (past employer, teacher, coach, mentor, friend)

When your information is received we will send you an email confirmation.