Ancient Maya Site Excursion– Every Thursday in January!

Join our Guide Christian Bech on his Ancient Maya Site Excursion all Thursdays in January. Join his next Excursion on January 18th. Four guests are needed for the tour to commence. The cost is $125 US per person.

Visit to reserve your trip. Or Call 677-9303 to book today.

Christian’s Maya Site excursion saves approximately two hours of driving time. Taking the Hokey Pokey water Taxi across the bay to Independence gives our guests more time to explore the sites.

From Placencia: Take a 15 minute Hokey Pokey water Taxi ride across the bay to Independence. Drive with Christian 40 minutes to the first Maya site. Have a Belizean buffet style lunch at Coleman’s cafe in Big Falls. After lunch you will continue on to the second ancient site. After a 40 minute ride to Independence and a boat ride, your back in Placencia.

Christian has extensive knowledge of the Mayans history. He is a Naturalist and one of a small number in Belize who holds an advanced birder certificate issued by the Belize Audubon Society.

You will experience the Nim Li Punit Ruin in the morning and Lubaantun after lunch. Lubaantun: The name is Maya for “Place of Fallen Stones”. This Late Classic center is noted for its unusual style of construction distinctive of southern Belize. The large pyramids and residences are made of precisely cut stone blocks with no mortar binding them together. The buildings on top of the pyramids were made from perishable materials rather than masonry and hence do not remain. Nim Li Punit: Is known for its large number of stelae; twenty-five large, some are huge, stone slabs and pillars, eight of them carved, in this small area. In fact, one of the stelae is the tallest carved example in Belize. Due to this stelae and the large number of artifacts Nim Li Punit is believed to have served as small but important regional ceremonial center. The second largest jade object in all the Maya World is a jade chest pendant discovered in 2015. (the largest the Kinich Ahau sun god was also discovered in Belize).

Christian will be offering his Group Scarlet Macaw Experience to Red Bank Village. Every Thursday in March. Contact Us Or Call 677-9303 to book today.