FOR SALE !!!! Barebones Beach Bar and Cabanas Monkey River Belize Central America

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Barebones Beach Bar is three hundred thirty feet of white sand beachfront on the Gulf of Honduras one mile north of the historic village of Monkey River. Its history and location make it a special place for a residential home, community, or commercial business. Barebones opened as a bar and restaurant on November 5, 2012 with an open air thatch bar, seating for eleven guests, men’s and women’s bathrooms and showers. Barebones opened daily for food and drinks in addition to a monthly Beach Bash with live music.

After completing the first cabana, overnight guests stayed to experience night and day jungle ADVENTURES sold through Barebones Tours. Partner, friend and guide, Percy Gordon, AKA “King of the Howlers,” used Barebones Beach Bar as a place to take his guests for holistic medicinal treatments, fresh coconut water, beer, and drinks. His tours are sold in advance online and locally in Placencia.

After being successfully open for two years, Barebones Beach Bar and cabanas closed and became a residential home as it is today. Barebones is available for either a commercial or residential purpose.


Barebones Beach Bar (BBB) consists of three lots #4, #5, and #6 330 feet of beachfront.

  • Lot #4 no structures
  • Lot #5 has a wood 16X20 cabin on 6 foot tall footings. It has a double bed, office/desk, kitchen, bathroom, and stand up shower. It is powered by a small solar system and has a butane refrigerator and cisterns for water storage. Also on lot #5 is a 16 X 20 wood cabana with a double and single bed with generator power only. Additionally, there is a 30 foot dock on lot #5. See All Drawings
  • Lot #6 is the northern most lot and has 6 X 12 men’s and women’s bathrooms with outdoor showers, a 12 X 12 cement workshop, a 12 X 12 wood and metal storage building, a boat ramp (to keep the boat out of water when not in use), and a 40 foot dock. See Current Lot Drawing # 1.

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