Christian Bech has had a passion for birds and all things nature since childhood.

He is an avid naturalist and one of a small number of guides in Belize who holds an advanced level birding guide certificate issued by the Belize Auburn Society. as well as has extensive knowledge of the Mayan history.

He has obtained many life skills and a vast insight for all kinds of things from his adventurous life experiences in various places of the world.

Being a Ships Master, Commercial Fisherman, Teacher, Activist, Timber and Sawmill operator, Welder, Machinist and Workshop supervisor, Farmer, Forester and avid Naturalist and Birder he has surmounted an impressive knowledge and a knack of seeing things from more than one angle, which he all willingly shares with his guests.

“I really enjoy being able to share my love and passion for Maya History , birds and nature in general with visitors to our beautiful country. No tour is ever the same. My guests will all have different expectations for a tour, whether it being Maya history, nature or birds.  So I try to get a little information about those individual wishes in the very beginning of the tour and then do my best to get most of these anticipations, when possible to fit into the program. That is how I like to guide each individual tour.”

“Being able to inspire young new birders to catch the spark and carry the flame, giving people an unforgettable quality nature experience and bring forward important messages of conservation is what makes my job as a Nature guide so important and enjoyable.”

“I’ve been a friend of Percy’s for Twenty Years and working with Craig, Percy and Barebones Tours for seven years. Working together as a team; Percy covers the sea and Howler Monkey Jungle Tours and I guide the Maya sites, inland Jungle tour and the Birding guests.”

“My tours carry the risk of bagging a serious overweight of information and new knowledge!!!!


When he is not busy guiding guests in the forest, Christian works for a commercial agriculture company, where he manages projects with expansion in agro-forestry and timber plantation.