Percy Gordon is one of the most well-known and most requested tour guides in Monkey River, Belize, specializing in Jungle and River Tours. He is known as “King of the Howlers,” “Rambo,” and “Barracuda Billy.” Come experience the Black Howler Monkey – the best known inhabitant of Monkey River. Percy will give you an unforgettable tour of the jungles of Belize.

He is a skilled guide and naturalist, licensed by the Belize Government. There is nothing in the jungle that Percy doesn’t know about! The Howler Monkey is his specialty.

Watch the Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures episode featuring Percy Gordon taking Jack Hanna on a tour of Monkey River and the jungle. Percy shows Jack sights even he has not seen!

Read the article where Percy was written up in Esquire Magazine.

In addition to monkeys, you can find a multitude of fascinating species along the river, ocean, and in the jungle: tarantulas, snakes, birds, butterflies, crocodiles, manatees, dolphins, sting rays and many other wildlife and vegetation.

Learn how to make medicinal teas, where to find water, and what tree Viagra comes from!

With Percy & Barebones Tours, you will experience a fun, informative, and safe tour. You are in good hands, and you will have an amazing experience. We’ll make you feel right at home during your time in Belize.