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Belize, with almost 600 species of birds, is a mega haven for bird lovers of all levels. Christians birding experience is tailored to the beginner as well as the expert, so whether you are an avid Birder or a beginning bird watcher, then Belize surely has a lot to offer as a top location for your birding adventure.

Our Private Birding Experience, gives you the pleasure of having full attention for a whole day by our Birding Guide Christian Bech. Christian is an advanced Level Birding Guide with 10 years’ experience as General Tour Guide and Mayan Archeology Expert.

“The great variation of tropical habitats, in such a small area as the country of Belize; is what makes birding so fruitful and great here” Christian explains. “Distances are fairly short and if you are going for maximum species, then it is possible to cover a wide range of habitats from coastal wetlands and Mangrove to lowland pine savannah, Lowland Tropical Broadleaf Forest, Riverine forest, Limestone Foothills in a single day – with a tight schedule of course, but very possible.”

”Many birding guests are new to our birds and wish to see, photograph and get more familiar with each bird, so then a much slower pace is required. So we will normally focus on 1 or 2 locations with prime habitat and preferable one being a protected area with good wide trails and beautiful forest.”  First of all the birds will set the pace and usually comes nearly as fast as we can count them the first hour or more after first light. – then slowing down as the Sun gets stronger around 9 am – so we really want to be out there on the spot by first light.”

Tours out of Placencia usually starts with pick up at Hotel/resort at 5.00 am or 5.30 am in winter months, but it is a private tour and you can decide to sleep longer if you wish to. You can also decide to have a good shot at our Owls before Sunrise and we will start even earlier to get an hour of Owling before day break. Most Owls will be vocalizing in the early morning, but not seen very often.

Single day tours will normally focus on one of our protected areas in close proximity to your resort and maybe a couple personal hotspots – depending on how well the day goes, but some seasonal events are certainly worthwhile to include in the program depending on your interest area. We have the yearly Scarlet Macaw migration in the foothills of Red Bank, where most of our population of Macaws travels away from their breeding area in the Maya Mountains to local seasonal food hotspots as in the area around Red Bank Village and we have variation of areas where some species will be attracted to food sources at different times during the year.

Fall and spring migration of Neo-tropical migrants offers the opportunity to observe “homely birds” in a different winter habitat and many North American Birders have had the experience of getting “Lifers” – first time sighting – of North American Birds in Belize.

Favourite destinations for birding tours out of Hopkins and Placencia Peninsula

  • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mayflower/Bocawina National Park
  • Redbank Village and surrounding area
  • Hopkins Wetlands
  • Several small feeder roads and local spots along the road to any site

Favourite destinations for Birding Tours out of PG and Independence

  • Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun Archaeological sites and surroundings.
  • Belcampo road and several other resort properties along with coffee break or lunch
  • Rio Blanco National Park and surrounding country site
  • Wetlands of The Dump
  • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Many local nooks and hot spots along the road

Lunch or Brunch and cold water are provided on all tours.

Birding is for fun – so good mood and team spirit – lots of great sightings and awesome birds is what makes a birding tour a great experience.

“I look forward to having you on our tour.”

Christian Bech

Barebones Tours is working to help educate Belize’s up and coming tour guides. Christian may be accompanied by an intern that is completing their tour guide training course.


Private Tour Rates

$400 USD1 person
$200 USD2 person
$150 USD3-4 person
$125 USD 5-6 person
$100 USD7+ people