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Ever been in the Jungle? Ever been in the Jungle….at Night?? Prepare your senses for the nightly exotic sounds and smells of the Monkey River habitat! Your headlamps will also highlight the diverse night activity on the Monkey River and Jungle portions of this unique tour.

  • 6-Hour NIGHT Jungle and River Tour
  • Do WHAT you want, WHEN you want, AS LONG AS you want!
  • ONLY you and your friends/family will be on this tour
  • Pick up in Placencia at 4 PM at Buba Wuba’s Grill and Smoke Shack
  • The 40-minute Boat Ride to Monkey River follows the coastline along mostly mangrove protected waterways. This makes for a smooth boat ride a large percentage of the time. It’s not a boat ride out at sea.
  • Authentic Belizean Dinner at Kecerene’s Restaurant (Percy’s Sister)
  • Tour historical Monkey River Village
  • Boat Ride up the river to explore its inhabitants with high-powered spotlights
  • Enter the jungle for the ultimate night jungle tour, and experience the sights and sounds of many different types of nocturnal wildlife
  • On request we supply bug shirts or bug hats to keep the insects out of your face and off your clothing!
  • Exhilarating boat ride back to Placencia, in the DARK!! Returns at approximately 10PM.

Crocodiles ~ Jaguars ~ Bats ~ Birds ~ Tarantulas ~ Tapirs ~ Wild Boar ~ and more!

Private Tour Rates

$500 USD1-3 person (flat-rate)
$165 USD4-8 people (per person rate)