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Barebones Tours is excited to announce that our first five guests from Harvest Caye experienced Percy’s JUNGLE ADVENTURE  on November 22 2017 !!!!  


Our goal is for you to ……….


Here’s your opportunity to book a BELIZE ADVENTURE with one of our Professional Guides!  ONE THAT YOU WILL NEVER FORGET !!!

Experience Percy’s JUNGLE ADVENTURE  or a PRIVATE day at sea with Percy Gordon AKA “King of the Howlers”!

Christian Bech is ready to take you on his  PRIVATE birding experience !!!!

Our guides have a wealth of knowledge and bring their own unique character to provide you with a fun, authentic experience !!!!

Over 100 5-Star Trip Advisor Reviews *****

Percy’s Cruise line JUNGLE ADVENTURE — Group

  • 4-5 Hour Jungle , River Tour and Manatee Watch and Monkey River Village Experience.
  • Percy will meet Harvest Caye’s FIRST  AND SECOND TENDER in Placencia on your tour day.  The tender cost of $20 US per person It’s not included in the Barebones Tours price. A few guests experienced difficulty getting on the first tender therefore Percy will not begin the ADVENTURE until after the second tender arrives in Placencia. On a group tour missing the second tender could cause you to miss PERCY’S  BOAT and miss the tour ! We recommend informing the ship before or as soon as you board that you have to be on the first tender to Placencia. The tours length depends on the ships return time schedule that is determined on the tour day.
  • The 40-minute boat ride to Monkey River follows the coastline along mostly mangrove protected waterways. This makes for a smooth boat ride a large percentage of the time. It’s not a boat ride out at sea.
  • Arrive in Monkey River Village, change into your jungle clothing and use the restroom.
  • On request we will supply bug shirts or bug hats to keep the insects out of your face and off your clothing.
  • Travel by boat up the Monkey River observing different wildlife until you reach the jungle trail.
  • Short Hike into the jungle where Percy GUARANTEES you will see Howler Monkeys!
  • Learn about medicinal plants, birds and the multitude of wildlife that live in the jungle.
  • Historical Tour of Monkey River Village
  • Authentic Belizean Lunch at Percy’s Sister Kecerene’s House / Restaurant in Monkey River Village
  • Return to Placencia via boat and on the way stop for a Manatee watch.
  •  Arrive to meet the tender back to Harvest Caye.

Water and Lunch included.

If your looking for any gifts Belizean Flavors shop is Now Open!! Percy will also have his “I Survived the Monkey River Jungle” t-shirts for sale. Joy’s Gift Shop in Monkey River is open as well.

Group Tour Rates

If your group has 2 or 3 people the cost is $120 USD per person

$120USD 2-3 people
$100USD 4-8 people

Percy’s Cruise line JUNGLE ADVENTURE — Private

  • Do WHAT you want, WHEN you want, AS LONG AS you want!
  • ONLY you and your friends/family will be on this tour
  • Customized tour for your interests and pace
    • Tour historical Monkey River Village
    • Swim in the Monkey River with CROCODILES if you dare!
    • Request to include the Manatee Discovery Experience – Spend time locating swimming and snorkeling with Manatees.

Private Tour Rates are per person.

Private Tour Rates

$400USD 1 person
$200USD 2 people per person

$150 USD

3 people per person

4+ person per person

Book Now!! Percy is the most popular guide in Monkey River. Limited Dates and Seating Available on All Percy’s tours.

Percy’s Cruise Ship Reef Adventure – Private Only

  • Cruise guests will have to purchase tickets on the ship or Harvest Caye to Tender to Placencia at 9am ($20 US per person)
  • Percy will Meet the tender in Placencia at the municipal pier.
    • Do WHAT you want, WHEN you want, AS LONG AS you want!
    • ONLY you and your friends/family will be on this tour
    • Pick up in Placencia at 8AM at your hotel or closest dock
    • Your group will have the opportunity to do all or some of the following depending on the weather conditions and the season :
      • Snorkel the Barrier Reef
      • Fish with hand lines
      • Dive for lobster
      • Snorkel with manatees
      • Cook your catch on one of the Cayes

Private Tour Rates
Lunch, water, snorkeling equipment and park fees included.

$625USD 1-3 people
$750USD 4 people
Contact Us 5+ people

Christian’s Cruise line Birding Experience – Private Tour Only

Belize, with almost 600 species of birds, is a mega haven for bird lovers of all levels. Christians birding experience is tailored to the beginner as well as the expert. Whether you are an avid Birder or a beginning bird watcher, then Belize surely has a lot to offer as a top location for your birding adventure.

Our PRIVATE BIRDING EXPERIENCE, gives you the pleasure of having full attention for a whole day by our Birding Guide Christian Bech.
Christian is an advanced level Birding Guide with 10 years’ experience as General Tour Guide and Mayan Archaeology Expert.

Whether you are an avid Birder or a beginning bird watcher, Belize surely has a lot to offer as a top location for your birding adventure.

“The great variation of tropical habitats in such a small area as the country of Belize is what makes birding so fruitful and great here,” Christian explains. “Distances are fairly short and if you are going for maximum species, then it is possible to cover a wide range of habitats from coastal wetlands and Mangrove to lowland pine savannah, lowland tropical broadleaf forest, riverine forest, limestone foothills – with a tight schedule off-cause, but very possible.”

“Many birding guests are new to our birds and wish to see, photograph and get more familiar with each bird, so then a much slower pace is required. So we will normally focus on 1 or 2 locations with prime habitat and preferable 1 being a protected area with good wide trails and beautiful forest.”

Cruise ship tours will normally focus on one of our protected areas in close proximity to Placencia and a couple of personal hotspots – depending on how well the day goes, but some seasonal events are certainly worthwhile to include in the program depending on your interest area. We have the yearly Scarlet Macaw migration in the foothills of Red Bank, where most of our population of Macaws travels away from their breeding area in the Maya Mountains to local seasonal food hotspots as in the area around Red Bank Village and we have variation of areas where some species will be attracted to food sources at different times during the year.

Fall and spring migration of Neo-tropical migrants offers the opportunity to observe “homely birds” in a different winter habitat and many North American Birders have had the experience of getting “Lifers” – first time sighting – of North American Birds in Belize.

Favourite destinations for birding from Placencia Peninsula

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Mayflower/Bocawina National Park

Redbank Village and surrounding area

Hopkins Wetlands

Several small feeder roads and local spots along the road to any site

Lunch or Brunch and cold water are provided on all tours.

“Birding is for fun – so good mood and team spirit – lots of great sightings and awesome birds is what makes a birding tour to a great experience. So that is my job to ensure and I look forward to have you on my tour.”

Private Tour Rates
Prices are per person

$300 USD 1 person
$150 USD 2-4 person
$130 USD 5+ person


Lunch, water, snorkeling equipment and park fees are included

To take our tours cruise passengers must notify the ship before boarding if possible. After boarding for the first time be sure to inform the ship of you plans. Inform them you have to be on the first tender in the morning from Harvest Caye to Placencia to make the tour.  The tender is $20 US per person round trip

Cancellation Policy

1. If the Port of Call changes after booking and paying for your ADVENTURE we will refund 90% of the tour cost.

2. In the case the 1st or 2nd tender to Placencia is full, or if you miss either tender in turn missing the tour, there is a required Minimum $120 Fee to cover costs to Percy and payment processing. The balance will be refunded!

3. If a person is sick and can’t join the rest of the group on the tour we will refund 90% of the tour cost for that person.

A Group is 2 or more people booking together.

A Group Tour is different groups together on the same tour.

A PRIVATE tour is just your group going alone with a guide.

Group Tour Rates

$120USD2-3 person
$100USD4-8 person